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63 Main Street . Luzerne, PA . Monday – Saturday 7:35am – 7:35pm


Welcome to Nucleus Raw Foods! Please alert us to any food allergies!
We prepare live, natural food at gentle temperatures that will leave you
feeling fresh. Our products are flavorful, nourishing, made with
organic ingredients, and will treat your body with respect.
We are grateful for your business!

Build a Smoothie

16 oz – $4.49 / 24 oz – $6.49

banana, filtered water, and choice of one:
blueberry, mango, mixed berry, pineapple, strawberry or greens
extra fruit or greens: $1.00 (16) / $1.50 (24)
add superfood: $1.00 (16) / $1.50 (24):
cacao powder, cacao nibs, carob, cashew, cinnamon, coconut, dates,
flax seeds, hemp powder, hemp seed nut, maca, mesquite, spirulina, vanilla, walnuts

Green Smoothies

16 oz  / 24 oz

green $4.99/ $6.99 banana, apple, greens, filtered water
**verde $5.99/ $7.99 banana, greens, apple, ginger, lemon
   zelena $5.99/ $7.99 banana, greens, grapefruit
   tala $5.99/ $7.99 banana, greens, mango, coconut
   grun  $5.99/$7.99 banana, greens, strawberry, cacao**
mother nature $5.99/ $7.99 banana, greens, apple, hemp

Specialty Smoothies

16 oz – $5.99 / 24 oz – $7.99

chocolate delight banana, maca powder, cashew, cacao nibs
acaibanana, acai, dates, raspberry
pina coladabanana, pineapple, coconut

tropical sunshinebanana, hemp, pineapple, mango
chocolate chocolate chipbanana, cocoa nibs, cacao powder, vanilla
chocolate dipped strawberriesbanana, cacao, hemp, strawberries
chocolate delight – banana, maca, cashew, cacao nibs
cinnamon bun – banana, date, vanilla, cinnamon
raspberry shortcake – banana. raspberry, date, maca, vanilla
escape velocity – banana, mixed berry, spirulina

Sergeant Roybanana, mesquite, cinnamon, vanilla, hemp seeds

Raw Juices

build a juice – 16 oz $7.99 —- 24 oz – $11.75
made with apple
less or no apple 16 oz $11.75 —- 24 oz – $14.75
choose at least 2: celery, cucumber, carrot, beet, orange
choose 2 more: kale, ginger, lemon, lime

nucleus juice – 16 oz – $6.99 / 24 oz $10.25
carrot, apple, lemon, ginger, greens

juices – 16 oz $7.99 —- 24 oz – $11.75
less or no apple 16 oz $9.99 —- 24 oz – $14.75
apricity – orange, grapefruit, apple
here and now – lemon, ginger, apple
one love – beet, lime, celery, apple
grasshopper – cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, kale, apple
virgo – cucumber, grapefruit, ginger, kale, apple
dirt – beet, cucumber, celery, kale


slice of living bread topped with greens, tomato, avocado & white sauce
stuffed peppers$5.99
red bell pepper stuffed with walnut sausage meat, topped off with onion
quesadilla – $5.99
slice of bread, cashew chicken, greens, red bell pepper, tomato, onion, cheese sauce & white sauce
crab cakes$5.99
cashew crab cakes, greens, tomato, pickle, onion, white sauce
veggie burger, carrot, greens, tomato, pickle & onion, wrapped in nori
seaweed topped off with red & white sauces

side salad – $5.99
greens, tomato, carrot, broccoli, avocado, house dressing


served on a bed of greens (add slice of living bread for $1.25)

house salad – $8.49
carrot, broccoli, tomato, avocado, house dressing
Ray’s smile – $8.49
chopped blend of avocado, onion, pickle, mushroom, zuccnini,
tomato & veggie berger with house dressing

Build a dish

served on your choice: living bread, bed of greens, or nori seaweed ($2)

choose a sauce: white sauce (cashew alfredo cheese sauce), Nucleus sauce (cashew thousand island sauce), red sauce (tomato, beet, garlic sauce) or red and white, blue tahini (sesame seed mock blue cheese) 

ADD ONs– Avocado for $2 – cheeze, toona or bruschetta for $3, slice of bread for $1.25

avocado – $8.49
smashed avocado, greens, tomato, carrot, pickle, onion
cheese – $8.49
our cashew cheddar cheeze, greens, tomato, carrot, pickle
tuna – $8.49
cashew tuna, greens, tomato, carrot, pickle
veggie burger – $8.49
our berger, greens, tomato, carrot, pickle, onion, red
tacos – $8.49
walnut taco meat, greens, tomato, onion
sausage and peppers – $8.49
walnut sausage meat, red bell pepper, onion
chicken – $8.49
cashew chicken, greens, tomato
chick’n n’ broccoli -$8.49
cashew chick’n, greens, broccoli, onion


add two meatballs for $3, add slice of living bread for $1.25

spaghetti – $8.49
spiralized zucchini, walnut Italian meat, tomato, mushroom, broccoli with CHOICE OF: white sauce, red and white sauce or bruschetta sauce
lasagna – $8.49
thinly sliced zucchini, layered with our Italian walnut meat, cashew ricotta cheese, tomato, and
topped with bruschetta
classic pizza – $7.49
served on living bread – tomato, broccoli, mushroom, red and white sauce
bruschetta mushroom pizza – $8.49
served on living bread – bruschetta, mushroom, onion, white sauce
bruschetta avocado pizza – $8.49
served on living bread – bruschetta, avocado, onion, white sauce


nucleus burger -$7.49
walnut burger, greens, tomato onion, nucleus sauce


8 oz $3.99 — 16 oz $5.99 — 24 oz $7.99

100% frozen banana whipped into ice cream
additional toppings: $1.00 (8/16oz) $1.50 (24oz)
date caramel sauce or chocolate sauce
cacao powder, cacao nibs, carob, cashew,
cinnamon, coconut, dates, hemp powder,
hemp seed nut, maca, mesquite, spirulina, walnuts


Nucleus Raw Foods All Natural Ingredients

house dressing: blend of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and raw agave

white sauce: blended cashews, lemon, black pepper, and celtic salt
red sauce: blend of tomatoes, beets, olive oil, garlic, and celtic salt
living bread: dehydrated flax, buckwheat, carrot, olive oil, and celtic salt
veggie berger: carrot, celery, onion, flax, olive oil, and celtic salt


Nucleus Raw Foods, LLC, 63 Main Street . Luzerne, PA
Our Hours: Monday – Saturday 7:35 am – 7:35 pm,  570-569-2139