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Juice Journey

organic . raw . plant-based . gluten free . soy free 

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your physician to confirm a Juice Journey is suitable for your lifestyle.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the Nucleus Raw Foods Juice Journey.


Upon picking up your juice, you will receive 6—32 oz jars of cold-pressed organic juice including two jars of our valley famous Pennsylvania Punch, two jars of Buzz Light, & two jars of whatever our juice special for the week is. Please see the list of juices below to learn their ingredients.

Juices Always Included:

Pennsylvanian Punch (PA) - Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Greens, Beet, Pineapple

Buzz Light (BL) - Celery, Apple

Examples of different juice specials that may be included:

Here & Now (HN) - Apple, Lemon, Ginger

Ginger Island (GI) - Watermelon, Pineapple, Apple, Lemon, Ginger

Pink Lemonade (PL) - Apple, Beet, Lemon

Special (SP) - (changes weekly) 


Once you begin your Juice Journey, you will be embarking on a mind and body healing experience. You may drink your juices as they are or mix them together if you are looking for a different flavor.

One of nature’s best kept secrets is the body’s ability to heal itself. With this being said, there is nothing you can put into the human body to heal it. The only thing that can heal the body is the body & the only time it can heal itself is when it isn’t overburdened with a task like digestion.

Consuming only juice for an extended period of time gives our digestive tract a rest and allows the body’s self healing mechanism to turn on. Our juice is cold-pressed, so it is going to refuel your body with high quality nutrients.

The best time to plan a Juice Journey is over a weekend or during a period of time that is not highly demanding of your energy. Initially, you may experience weakness, lightheadedness, & possibly headaches as your body is cleaning itself out.

If you feel the amount of juice you have purchased is not enough, please feel free to contact us so we can provide you with more.

Do not feel guilty if you need to incorporate food into your Juice Journey. If your appetite must be fed, eat fruit, nuts, or another mono meal. If you do not feel like something simple will be enough, then you should go with your gut instinct and eat what you must.



Drink four, 16 ounce (half of a jar) servings of juice throughout your day. You are at liberty to drink as much as you want at any given time, but most people like to stick to their current eating schedule of breakfast, lunch, snack, & dinner. Like we mentioned earlier, please feel free to mix and match the juices to create more variety. You should also consume as much water and herbal tea as needed throughout the day.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does organic mean? Why is it so important for Nucleus to remain organic?

Organic means nothing unnaturally created or manmade has been added to enhance the growth or development of the fruit and vegetables. First and foremost, we love our customers and only want to offer them the highest quality ingredients available. Nucleus only used USDA certified organic ingredients & produce and never substitutes with conventional produce.

Why do we believe in juice detoxing?

We believe our bodies are constantly focused on digestion. It can take 8+ hours to digest a meal comprised of the standard American diet. During a juice detox our bodies assimilate the nutrients from the juice and use it as fuel and to replenish any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Both Danielle & Kamri agree that a Juice Journey is a healing practice and suggest pairing the detox with sun bathing, rest, sleep, water, and relaxation.

What type of juice should be consumed while on a juice journey?

We recommend our organic cold-pressed juice that are made with nutrition and flavor in mind. Organic cold-pressed juice contain more nutrients per pint, produce less waste, have a higher quality taste, and a longer shelf life.

If you would like to order a juice to see if the flavors are right for you, click here!

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